1. On the Edge Daniel Frank 3:24

First Pre Release Song from the upcoming album METEMPSYCHOSIS

Check out DANIEL FRANK’s first song off the new album METEMPSYCHOSIS

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Artist :
Release Date : August 4, 2020
Format : CD

This is the first solo album for Daniel Frank. Born in Chicago and now residing in California. He has had a vast palette of musical influences from rock, pop, punk to the more modern era music trends. In his debut album, Daniel Frank has taken all these genres and blended and forged a sound that is distinctively his own. With no band or previous work to be bounded by, his solo album allowed him to explore all facets of music styles and bring them together only a solo album could accomplish. Together with a new producer and this energy, METEMPSYCHOSIS has become reality. We invite you to experience this album and hope you enjoy it as much as he enjoyed recording it.